Daisy Johnson And Co
Corporate,  Investment And Social Media  Consultants

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Daisy Johnson And Co is an international company rendering Business Funding, Investor Relations, Business Development, Social Media Management, Offshore Incorporations, Legal Consulting, Negotiations, Training, Entrepreneurial Coaching, Business Consulting, Venture Capital, Real Estate Consulting, Business Management and Executive Corporate Services to high net-worth families and institutions.

D.J.A.C. provides guidance for businesses and corporations requiring establishment,  financing, social media management  or expansion of their existing markets.

Anti-Money Laundering Procedures require that certain documentation and Guidelines are adhered to. Therefore, the skilled professionals at D.J.A.C. utilize their expertise to research local areas and advise clients of the directives to pursue or what modifications, if any, are necessary before introducing products or services to certain countries.

D.J.A.C. professionals navigate regulatory challenges and handle government affairs in more than 50 jurisdictions including Bahamas, Hong Kong, China, India, USA, Malaysia, Sweden and UAE.

Mastering the Art of Mortgage Brokering for more than 40 years, D.J.A.C. Professionals consult, package and negotiates with lenders and investors in order to obtain the best financing possible for its clients. While loan situations of no less than $50 Million are considered. To this end, investors/lenders are required to make direct contact for discussions and implementation of services for amounts that are less than $50 Million.

D.J.A.C. can also establish corporate or business Policies and Procedures for a variety of companies while guiding you the client through the business maze, removing any obstacles and ensuring that your potential is maximized in all aspects of your business.

Before you plan a business or personal move into The Bahamas, The Caribbean, South America or Middle East, click here to contact us.